You’re not alone in this diagnosis – there’s a community of people just like you looking for answers, guidance, and support.


Watch these educational videos and recordings of live events

Rare Disease Day Special 2017: Understanding Neuroendocrine Tumors
Leigh Anne Burns nutrition video from New Jersey NETs meeting
Dr. Hendifar from LACNETS conference in June


Stay informed about carcinoid cancer and neuroendocrine tumors

These materials can help you get a grasp on the impact of the symptoms you’re experiencing and how to approach treatment.

Nutritional Concerns For The Carcinoid Patient
Patient Education On Carcinoid Syndrome From Diagnosis To Treatment
Guide to Understanding Carcinoid Syndrome Know the signs and understand your treatment options


Start a conversation with your care team

Download these helpful resources to help you discuss carcinoid cancer with your doctor.

Carcinoid syndrome discussion guide

Use this helpful tool to guide your conversation on carcinoid syndrome the next time you have an appointment with your doctor.

Download PDF
Carcinoid syndrome symptom tracker

Keep track of your symptoms; chart their occurrences and frequency with this symptom tracker.

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Stay organized with this helpful App

Download this Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines app to your mobile device to track your treatment progress, record the foods you eat, and more!