Talking to Your Doctor About Carcinoid Syndrome Symptoms, Diet and Treatment

November 3, 2018

An Online Video Education Program for Patients and Caregivers


In March 2017 we released our first live educational program in partnership with, designed for families managing Carcinoid Syndrome. The initial program was such a success that we teamed up to release a second program!

Our second program premiered live on in June and also streamed live on Facebook. This new program focuses on how a diagnosis is reached, what to eat when everything seems to make symptoms worse, and advice about how to medically manage Carcinoid Syndrome over time.

Our latest program features medical specialists from the University of Pennsylvania, the amazing Beth Leonard (who shares her experiences with Carcinoid Syndrome on her Facebook page @LIVEwithNETs), and Grace Goldstein of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation. Together, the panel walked through a slide presentation, shared tips and tricks for managing Carcinoid Syndrome, and answered questions from the audience.

Alongside the discussion, we shared resources like the slide presentation we prepared for the session, a cookbook designed specifically for people living with NETs, and a free symptom tracking tool that can support communication with doctors. You can find more about the panelists and all the resources here.

Didn’t have a chance to join us for the live premiere? It’s now available on demand. You can find the newest educational program right on our website – complete with slides, resources, quick quizzes, and the full panel discussion. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE PROGRAM

We’ll also be sharing quick clips of the key moments from the program on Facebook – if you aren’t already following the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s Facebook page, check it out for additional resources and support!

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