Welcome to the Place for Education and Support Resources on Carcinoid Syndrome

June 26, 2017

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation and its generous partners are excited to introduce the Carcinoid Syndrome website. This website is a space for news and education on carcinoid syndrome, along with information on neuroendocrine tumors (also known as carcinoid cancer). We believe this site will be a great resource for patients, caregivers, and physicians alike – looking to learn more about carcinoid syndrome.

Through the generous support of our partners, we have cultivated an online hub of expert information on the topic of carcinoid syndrome. Reviewing professional articles, clinical trial records, and other resources to develop this comprehensive collection of topics, from treatment to advocacy, tailored specifically for individuals looking for information on carcinoid syndrome.

We at the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation understand the long and difficult process of being diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor, and how the development of carcinoid syndrome can impact the treatment process. Knowing this, we set out to develop a place that could truly help to inform and ease the burden and stress that can accompany a serious health development like cancer. Our mission at the foundation is to increase awareness and educate the general public and healthcare professionals regarding neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), to support NET cancer patients and their families, and to serve as patient advocates. With that, we recognized that carcinoid syndrome needs to be part of that mission, and so we have worked diligently with our partners to provide that educational center, making it accessible to all through this website.

We hope the information you find while exploring this new site is helpful to you. And we hope this site acts as a valuable resource to any individual looking for education on carcinoid syndrome, advocacy information for NETs, or to simply stay up-to-date with what’s developing in our community.

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